The full sisters of Henry Royle Evatt: Amy and Alice

Alice 1878-1947

The lady on the right hand side of the first picture is not identified. The lady on the left is Amy, so I am speculating that the lady on the right is Alice.
Which one is Alice?
The second photo had written on the back 'All my mum's aunts,' by Pat Dean. That makes the women in this photo Ernest's four sisters and Charlotte's two sisters. We don't know which is which but the one on the right looks quite a lot like my dad.
1901 and 1911
In 1901 Alice is living with Ernest and his family. She is aged 22 and there is no occupation shown for her. In 1911 she is back with her parents and brother, Henry. Her occupation is shown as Housemaid Waitress(Domestic.) In the column Industry or Service they have written the words: Just Left her Place
Death of Alice
The record for Alice in the National Probate Calender reads: Evatt Alice Royle of 123 Beckett Street Leeds spinster died 23 March 1947. Probate Wakefield 2 September to The Yorkshire Penny Bank Limited. Effects pds 1170 3s 4d

Amy 1880-1959

Daughter Ada
In 1898 Amy had an illegitimate daughter, Ada. Ada was brought up by Amy's older half sister Ada and her husband Albert Hey. In recognition of this she was called Ada Hey Evatt. On the census returns for 1901 and 1911 Ada is shown as niece of Ada and Albert, but it is not clear if she knew who her mother was.
1901 and 1911
In 1901 Amy is living with her aunt Jane Colombo as a domestic servant. In 1911 she is living with Ernest and his family. Ernest and Charlotte appear to have had a period of separation and Amy was presumably called in to help look after the children.
Two postcards
Two postcards sent to Amy survive but it is really difficult to make out what they are about. You can see them by downloading this pdf file.
The first one in the file was sent in 1941. The picture is of the Cunard White Star. Amy's address is 37 Charles Court, Victoria B'd in Leeds. I can't make out the signature which could be HC or Alc. Not all of the postcard is legible but the general tone is not very upbeat. Hardly surprising in August 1941.
1936 From Ada
The second one in the file is a picture of Scarborough sent in 1936. It is addressed to Auntie Amy at the Hospice, Holywell in North Wales. It is from Ada (Amy's illegitimate daughter) and appears to be trying to reassure Amy that someone called Denis has managed even though Amy is off sick. It would appear that Amy cleans at the church.
The Bishop
The bishop that was referred to was Henry John Poskitt who was appointed bishop on 19 August 1936 and consecrated on 21 Sep 1936.
Death of Amy
Amy died in 1959 but there is no record in the National Calendar of Probate so she did not leave a will.
Ada Hey Evatt
Ada married Harry Hobbs in 1920. I cannot find any record of any children and it looks like poor Harry may have died in 1931.
I met Ada
I met cousin Ada in the early 1970s at my cousin's house. My dad didn't know who she was and how she was related to us. She spent the evening with us and was extremely entertaining. How I wish I had written down all the stories she told us. She told us that WHR Evatt had been involved in local politics. She said that someone on the family was German and she talked of one of the family matriarchs being so scary everyone was afraid of her. I suspect she was talking about Matilda, though Ada would have been very young when Matilda died. My most powerful memory of Ada is of her telling us very proudly that she was illegitimate. Well it was the 70s!