The family life of Henry Royle Evatt in the mid to late 19th Century

Specific Details

Marriage of HR Evatt and Matilda Schwerer
In 1834 there is a notice of the marriage in the Sheffield papers between HR Evatt, joiner and Matilda Schwerer
Surviving Children
Henry and Matilda had at least 6 children, 3 of whom died in early infancy. The 3 who survived to adulthood were Jane Royle Evatt, Alice Agnes Eliza Royle Evatt and William Henry Royle Evatt
Matilda and Henry married and lived in Sheffield, where all their children were born. During the 1840s Henry seems to have split his time between Sheffield and Leeds and by 1851 they are settled in 13 Trafalgar Street in Leeds. The 1871 census is odd because Henry is living on his own in Queen's Place but this could be because Matilda is helping William with two young children while his wife, Hannah returns to her mother's home. However I did come across an advert for HR Evatt, surgeon dentist and insurance agent in Glasgow in 1864.

Historic Context

Leeds in the mid 19th Century
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