William Evatt, 18th and 19th Century Dentist in Sheffield

Specific Details

50 Years a dentist
In much of Henry Royle Evatt's marketing material he refers to his father having been in the business for 50 years. Not sure if William also had a sideline in the licensed medicines trade.
This may be a false memory of mine but I am pretty sure that when my dad was old and a bit rambling he suddenly came out one day with something like this: they used to turn round at the door. They didn't want to go as they reckoned it would be more painful than the pain they were suffering

Historic Context

19th Century Dentistry
The battle of Waterloo is reputed to be where people went round afterwards stealing the teeth of the dead to turn them into false teeth
There was a series of articles in the 1870s in the Sheffield Independent where someone reminisced about their childhood memories of Sheffield. The extract above was from a book published about that time and I found it on google e books