Evatt Quakers of Castle Donington from mid 17th to 19th Centuries

Specific Details

John Evatt and Dorothy Fox
Their marriage took place in 1660 and they had at least 7 children: Hannah 1661, James 1662-1727, John 1663-1735, Elisabeth 1666, Joseph 1668, Benjamin 1670-1727 and Dorothy 1673. John died in 1683 and Dorothy died in 1689.
Benjamin Evatt and Mary
I could not find a record of their marriage but children started appearing in 1709. Their children were Benjamin 1709-1784, John 1710-1727, Thomas and Mary who both died in infancy, William 1716 and Joseph 1718-1804. John died in 1727. Mary married again and died in 1769.
Joseph Evatt and Sarah King
The marriage took place in 1762. The marriage record states that Sarah was a widow of Nottingham. I am not sure whether King was her maiden name or first married name. They had 5 children: Joseph 1763-1836, Benjamin 1764-1831, William 1766-1836, Sarah 1767-1830 and Samuel 1775-1836

Historic Context

Source of Quaker Records
Once I found the link between Henry Royle Evatt and his father, William, a well respected member of the Society of Friends who was originally from Castle Donington, it was straightforward to trace births of his father, grandfather and great grandfather through the Quaker records which are held by TheGenealogist subscription website
Standard of record keeping
The Quakers kept good records of births, marriages and deaths. The marriage records are especially interesting as the names of people at the service were recorded. Several are duplicated as events in Castle Donington were recorded in both Leicestershire and Derbyshire.
The year started in March according to the calendar adhered to by Quakers, so the Second Month refers to April and so on.
Names of our grandmothers
Good though the records were, there is still information I have not been able to find. I cannot be sure of the names of Mary, wife of Benjamin or Sarah, wife of Joseph and I have found nothing to help me identify Henry Royle Evatt's mother.
Late Marriages
One of the striking things about the records is the age at which Quakers got married, which was pretty old in the case of most of these Evatts. I hope that does not mean I have misinterpreted the records!