Matilda Schwerer, wife of Henry Royle Evatt

Specific Details

According to the census records Matilda was born in Sheffield around 1815. I did once come across records of the births of a Matilda and a Lawrence Schwerer in Hull around that time. I was at a pc in the Bristol Records at the time and unfortunately I have not been able to re discover the source of the records.
Lawrence Schwerer
It is likely that her family came over from Germany. The notice shows that a clock making partnership between Lawrence Schewerer and Henry Royle Evatt was dissolved in 1836 so the question is whether Lawrence was Matilda's father, brother or uncle
Matilda married Henry Royle Evatt in Sheffield in 1834. I know this from an announcement in the Sheffield Independent.
Matilda died in 1900 - in the first quarter. There is no record on the National Probate Register.

Historic Context

Clock making
There are a few people of German origin making clocks in the area and some are called Schwerer
There are several variations of the name Schwerer including Schewerer and Shewerer. The dissolution of the clock making business appeared in several publications and these had various spellings. Other appearances are on WHR's birth certificate and the announcement of Matilda's marriage in the Sheffield Independent.