Half Sisters of Henry: Annie Swales nee Evatt and Ada Hey nee Evatt

Specific Details

Photo supplied by Ernest's Great Granddaughter
The photo had written on the back 'All my mum's aunts,' by Pat Dean. That makes the women in this photo Ernest's four sisters and Charlotte's two sisters. We don't know which is which but the one on the right looks quite a lot like my dad.
Annie and Ada were the daughters of WHR and Hannah Varley. Annie was born in 1867 and Ada in 1869 so they were very young when their mother, Hannah died of Smallpox in the outbreak of 1872.
1891 Census
In the 1891 census Annie was staying with her cousin William Varley and his young family in Newington in Sculcoates.
David Leatham Evatt
In 1892 Annie gave birth to a son, David, although she was unmarried. It looks as if her aunt and uncle, Alice and David Leatham, who were childless themselves, took care of Annie and her son and so she called her son David Leatham Evatt.
1901 Census
In 1901 Annie is living with her uncle, David Leatham although her aunt Alice died in 1898. In fact David has entered David as his son and Annie as his niece and housekeeper. They are living in Scarborough.
Annie's Marriage
In 1902 Annie married Robert Arthur Swales in Scarborough. She had two daughters Alice born around 1902 and Marjorie. In 1911 they are all in Burniston near Scarborough. Robert is a farmer.
David Leatham's will
When David Leatham died in 1908 he left everything to his niece Annie Royle Swales and her son, David.
Annie's death
Annie died in Scarborough 10 June 1940 aged 72. She had been living at 20 Northstead Manor Drive, Scarborough. She was described as the wife (not widow) of Robert Arthur Swales in the National Probate Calendar. Probate was granted to her daughters Alice Leatham Westgate (wife of Harry Dinsdale Westgate) and Marjorie Swales spinster. Her effects were just short of a thousand pounds.

Historic Context

WHR's Will
WHR Evatt wrote his will in 1903. Page one is shown above as it refers to the arrangements he made for Annie and Ada on their mother's death. So they all they get this time round is a picture, a piano and a clock. However, Sarah didn't die until 1932 and all the money seemed to have disappeared by then, so perhaps it didn't matter too much.
1891 Census
Ada is with her father and her half siblings Amy and Ernest in 8&10 Bulmer Street. Ada is described as a Stationer and Toy Dealer like her father.
Ada's marriage
Ada married Albert Edward Hey in 1894. In the 1894 White's Directory of Leeds and the Clothing District there was an entry for Miss Ada Evatt, shopkeeper living at 17 Woodhouse Street. At no 19 was a William Hey, hairdresser. This was probably Albert's father. In the 1911 census William, Albert's father, is living with them.
Ada Hey Evatt
In 1898 Ada's younger half sister, Amy gave birth to a baby girl out of wedlock. Ada and Albert took the baby in and so she was called Ada Hey Evatt.
Other children
Ada and Albert had a son, Albert Edward Hey born in about 1902. The 1911 census also shows that they had had a child who died. Their niece, Ada is living with them in 1901 and in 1911.
Ada's death
There is a death record for an Ada Hey in 1938. There is also a burial record which states her address as 6 Valley Terrace, Roundhay. She was buried on 25th August 1938 by Joseph Dolan, priest at St Augustine's. She was 69 years old.